The Secret of his success..


A new Kid on the Blog-Block is here – BlogMad can help you increase the traffic to your site immediatly, it´s worth a check.

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Hans, your Sauerkraut ist ready

Germans like to complain. Even during the best of times, Germans will nag about… pretty much everything.

Find more german content on

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Bad dreams

The best thing in the morning: to wake up and realise that your nightmare in which you completly smashed your beloved car was only – a bad dream..

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Pinup your iPod

Want a nice scratch protected iPod that´s also good lookin´? Try this one:
ipod pinup
The downside: delivery is “germany only”, maybe an email to them could help.

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Google Earth for Mac rocks


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Watch Nightwatch for free


Want to see the Full Version of Nightwatch in all it´s glory for free? Go to this page and click on “High Bandwidth” – the one thing I should mention: It´s a High Speed version of the movie to promote the release in the States .. now _that´s_ clever marketing ;-)

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Detroit muscle, part 2

The Chevrolet Camaro Concept for 2009 Camaro ConceptMore Detroit Extravaganza.. this time the Camaro gets an Overhaul.

The Interieur looks quite futuristic, the Exterieur is anything else than a letdown, I would like to see that car produced. Official site and more photos.

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